2021: A Year in Review

The biggest question in our heads right now remains clear – how does this all end? After a complete year of living in a pandemic, one can’t help but wonder about the future. We’ve come to terms with the new normal yet we can’t help… Read more

2020: A Year in Review

Oh, boy.  Where do I even begin?  “Unprecedented” is starting to lose its novelty. The past few years have given us new climate records, a bull run with no signs of stopping, and a polarized Internet.  It’s as if things are getting lower and soaring… Read more

2019: A Year in Review

Repatriation can be a pretty daunting experience. In the past few months, I tried a couple of things just to see if something would click. While I originally thought I would need a year to transition to life back in Manila, it took me twice… Read more

2018: A Year in Review

We knew the day would come. It was time to leave New York, a place we called home for more than 8 wonderful years. With the arrival of Oscar in 2017, it was just a matter of waiting for our apartment lease to expire, giving… Read more

2017: A Year in Review

That Sunday started out like any other. I woke up at around 4:30 AM, glanced at my phone and went on with my morning routine. This meant firing up Headspace for my daily mindfulness ritual then opening Day One for my daily brain dump. By… Read more

2016: A Year in Review

We were certain about a couple of things at the start of the year. The US presidential race had a clear favorite, financial markets were relatively stable and even work plans were all in place. Yet here we are in 2017. Who would’ve thought that… Read more

2015: A Year in Review

We spent the last month of the year back in Manila and I originally planned to draft this annual review on the 31st.  Our visit this time around proved to busier than usual, finding ourselves jumping from one gathering to the other with baby in tow.… Read more


In between raising a newborn and coping with start-up life, I found myself acquiring a business I found on Product Hunt a month ago. Slavatar was a side project by a pair of startup guys from Las Vegas. Driven by a need to generate some… Read more


After 18 grueling hours, Maximo Alejandro “Max” Yulo Medina was born on April 11, 2015 at 6:11PM in Mt. Sinai/Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan, New York. We’ll end up spending the next four days in the hospital due to complications  during labor. It started with my… Read more

Assigning Task Clusters Across Different Browsers

I’ve been finding myself opening multiple browsers types (say, Chrome, Safari and Firefox)  just to run specific workflows at work. This was brought about by a recent acquisition by my company that required me to log in to different accounts from the same website. Going… Read more

Panic's Status Board

Revisiting Status Board

I first talked about almost forgotten apps in my last post with the OS X Dashboard. Since then, I actually took some time diving deeper with OS X’s notification center. Maybe it’s wasn’t them (Apple) all along and I was just being stubborn, hanging on to… Read more

The OS X Dashboard

I’ve been a fan of hot corners on OS X since I switched to a Mac in 2006. On the top left, I have Mission Control, Notification Center  on the top right, Desktop on the bottom right and on the bottom left, you’ll activate OS… Read more