2015: A Year in Review

We spent the last month of the year back in Manila and I originally planned to draft this annual review on the 31st.  Our visit this time around proved to busier than usual, finding ourselves jumping from one gathering to the other with baby in tow.… Read more



In between raising a newborn and coping with start-up life, I found myself acquiring a business I found on Product Hunt a month ago. Slavatar was a side project by a pair of startup guys from Las Vegas. Driven by a need to generate some… Read more

My Baby Max


After 18 grueling hours, Maximo Alejandro “Max” Yulo Medina was born on April 11, 2015 at 6:11PM in Mt. Sinai/Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan, New York. We’ll end up spending the next four days in the hospital due to complications  during labor. It started with my… Read more


Assigning Task Clusters Across Different Browsers

I’ve been finding myself opening multiple browsers types (say, Chrome, Safari and Firefox)  just to run specific workflows at work. This was brought about by a recent acquisition by my company that required me to log in to different accounts from the same website. Going… Read more

Panic's Status Board

Revisiting Status Board

I first talked about almost forgotten apps in my last post with the OS X Dashboard. Since then, I actually took some time diving deeper with OS X’s notification center. Maybe it’s wasn’t them (Apple) all along and I was just being stubborn, hanging on to… Read more


The OS X Dashboard

I’ve been a fan of hot corners on OS X since I switched to a Mac in 2006. On the top left, I have Mission Control, Notification Center  on the top right, Desktop on the bottom right and on the bottom left, you’ll activate OS… Read more


2014: A Year in Review

2014 brought a renewed focus to things that matter. I’ve been blessed with a vibrant professional career and a family that’s due to expand early next year (read: my wife and I are having a baby boy!). It’s the last day of 2014 and I’ve… Read more


A Thousand Bottles

Tired and jet lagged after a 22-hour flight from New York, I wanted to catch up with friends before things go crazy. I was getting married in two weeks. At around this time, I’ve already decided that I would like to start a hot sauce project. It… Read more



Since 2006, I’ve logged over 114,905 songs on last.fm, the online music service that focused on recommendations and discovery. Acquired by CBS 7 years ago, the service didn’t quite caught up with the community of newer networks like Soundcloud (and even Spotify to a certain… Read more


Andyan Agad

An old friend of mine from college, Riel, reached out some time in April to talk about this startup he cofounded. The startup was AndyanAgad.com, a remittance-in-kind company for over 12 million Filipinos who live overseas. Instead of offering services like money transfer and sending… Read more


Canadian Food

It’s been 8 years since my last trip to Toronto and when the opportunity presented itself to visit, I asked my wife to tag along with me. Coming from New York City, it’s a short 90-minute flight via Porter where you can walk to your… Read more


The Problem with Magazine Subscriptions

I went on magazine subscription binge in 2013. All 5 magazine subscriptions wrapped up this month. I’m looking forward to empty mailboxes (the offline kind) and less clutter. Soon, all these piles of magazines from the last 12 months will be gone. It’s funny how… Read more