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Patricia, my Sister

Most of my friends don’t know I have a sister.

Meet Patricia Rae Medina. Her friends call her Pat, I call her Trix. She’s the youngest in the family at 18 years old. We almost had the same birthday (she’s September 11, me a day after). We’re both left-handed.

I was relieved after finding out that she eventually got accepted in Ateneo. She’ll experience life as a university student soon but now she must enjoy what’s left of the post-high-school summer break. Trix will have more fun in college.

In the meantime, she’ll continue to dance (something she has grown to love for the past few years). I haven’t seen her dance.

Last Sunday, she went home drunk and told me about her experience last Tuesday on our way to school – down to the puking bit. She had a great time and even told her boy-crush that she’s been crushing on him for the past two years.

Trix, I’m secretly proud of you. Go kick some ass.

Breakfast at Antonio's

Breakfast at Antonio's

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