Living a calm and productive life in the Philippines since October 2018. Prior to that, I was based in New York for almost a decade.
After doing product work for media companies in the past six years with News Deeply and Cignal TV, I’m currently doing innovation and product work for the Palawan Pawnshop Group, the Philippines’ leading non-bank financial services provider. Our flagship service, PalawanPay, launched in April of 2022. Fintech is a lot of fun.

As for my side projects, Slavatar remains. It will actually end up paying for all of my failed (but worth it) experiments. Not bad for a thousand dollar investment I made all the way back in 2015. Still thinking of what to experiment on next. Digital Media will always be a thing in my world so I might do something fun there in the future.

I still maintain a nano-consulting practice with Southpaw Labs LLC, with a few clients on retainer. It’s pretty much on autopilot these days.
In pandemic mode since March 12, 2020. After 22 months of running away from the virus, Omicron caught up with us and infected everyone at home. My wife and I were lucky enough to get vaccinated AND boosted so our symptoms were mild. My kids, aged 4 and 7 were unvaccinated but somehow managed to shake it off pretty fast. My 7-year old recently got his jab, much to our relief.

It’s easy to say that we’re done with COVID at this point. I’m not sure if it’s done with us. There’s still so much uncertainty with the virus, but we have to move on. We finally did a little bit of revenge travel in April, visiting New York and a short trip to Vegas (read: the BTS concert).

I currently do an average of twenty five kilometers of running and a hundred kilometers of of cycling week. I love my bikes (and All-City Space Horse and a Serotta Coeur D’Acier). I’m also planning to turn the Serotta Tri-Colorado frame I got on eBay as my day-to-day commuter bike. I recently “inherited” a Colnago C60 too. Zwift is also fun.

I’m currently obsessed with the following: 

  • Digital Gardens – I’ve been doing a considerable bit of (private) digital gardening the moment I transitioned to Notion (from Evernote) back in 2017. I do all sorts of stuff in Notion, ranging from my yearly dashboard, hobby logs(!), a system to process loose paper notes, weekly meal plans, shopping trackers and all sorts of stuff. I’ve performed way too many garden “remodelings” through the years.
  • Revenue Exploration Studios – I like the idea of institutionalized innovation. I read Prehype’s “Acorn Method” book and loved it so much. It’s so good to see my current job through these lens.  
  • Range-free cooking – I’ve made so many meals using an instant pot and finishing them off in an oven toaster. This has been such a game-changer for me. I love’s recipe for Siu Yuk and Pork Ribs.

I still do the following: 

Record all my exercises in Strava, log food in MyFitnessPal, scrobble music in Last.FM, track app usage in Rescuetime, checkin in Foursquare and tally finances in Moneywell. I review most of my data in Gyroscope. I also push the limits of “al dente” in our weeknight dinners. I recently cracked the secret to crispy pork belly skin (baking powder and an over toaster – see above).

Keeping up with my Goodreads reading quota. I recently enjoyed Morgan Housel’s “The Psychology of Money” and Matt Alt’s “Pure Invention”.

Writing at least 800 words a day on the DayOne app. 

I’m curious about:

Trade. Various applications for Toum. Herb gardens.

Updated April 30, 2022.