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A Matter of Security

JC: aaaaaah
JC: well this should be a sign for them to consider security
JC: although
JC: the most cost effective way
JC: to go about security
JC: is a
JC: “protected by Viper” sticker
Dude: hahahaha
Dude: i know, im getting security for them starting tonight
JC:good good
JC: yeah
JC: batutas are cheap man
JC: the torogi model is also nice
JC: they’re shaped like penises!
Dude: did you know that you extra for a guard with a gun and bullets
Dude: pay
JC: really?
Dude: yea
JC: packing heat man
Dude: secu with batuta is cheaper than a secu with a paltik
JC:mid-range dapat
JC: secu with bow and arrow!

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